In 2017, in Val d’anniviers-Switzerland, they found a murdered wolf. It was one of the several killed illegally in the last years. The wolves were brought to extinction in Switzerland by hunting and expanding settlements but in recent years, they have returned through a process of natural migration from France and Italy.
Switzerland has polarized, where a large part of the population welcomes them but another wishes to eradicate it again.  Initiatives have been generated to modify the laws in order to declare Switzerland a predator free country. A politician opposed to this position, asked them if they wanted to build a wall to stop their entry.
We are not gentle creatures, on the contrary, creatures whose drives include a powerful portion of aggressiveness. There are few doubts about whether our relations with the Other - different - are based mainly on fear to uncertainty, on losing control. Where it is better to eliminate than to yield.
Switzerland, like many countries, is going through a series of changes in their society that are generating uncertainty: migration, behaviours, relations, etc.  They, recognized as a benchmark country for safety, efficiency and accuracy; hides within several layers of violence towards this changes that coincides to the way they relate to the wolf.
We are heading towards annihilation based on an irrefutable reality: we can not stop preying on the environment and on ourselves. The disappearance of humans at the End of History, where we will be re-animalized in a forced agreement with our given nature.

The following images are my recreated vision of what I heard and saw during my visit to Switzerland.
Como parte del proyecto, se le pidió a diferentes personas que intervinieran esta icónica tarjeta postal de Suiza con sus sentimientos hacia el lobo.
As part of the project, different people were asked to intervene this iconic postcard from Switzerland with their feelings towards the wolf.

This project is the result of the generous support of the Sustainable Mountain Art Programme:
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