In biology, the term nocturnal refers to the cycle of behavior in which the animal is much more active at night than in the day. These animals manage to develop at a greater level their senses such as hearing, smell and vision due mainly to the absence of light. The objective of this adaptation is justified mainly towards two purposes: hunting and reproduction.
The night has its own cultural connotations and for me those connotations or social behaviors of interaction and cohesion with others are important. At night the dynamics of power, status, class change. Go out, meet, break a routine. Perform rituals in certain spaces whose life is like the negative of daytime life, where in the gloom or in the absence of light, what seems to be the ultimate goal of the ritual is to be challenged: to obtain sex.
Humans are beings that overcome the animality that we contain within ourselves. We live in a constant denial of that component of nature that we are obligated to carry. That tension seems to find temporary relief in sexual satisfaction, it is right there where the link with our animality exceeds us everywhere.

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